2016 Stone Mountain Hamfest

Last weekend I attended the 2016 Stone Mountain Hamfest. It was my first time attending a hamfest and I guess I chose to attend on the wrong day. Everyone started packing up shortly after I arrived. Even though there weren’t many vendors left when I got there I did get a chance to speak to different hams about antennas, DX, and picked up a few tips.

Purchasing a new 5/8 wave 2m and 70cm antenna, mag-mount, and connector were the high point of the event for me. While leaving the event I set it up on the VX-7R that my uncle (KC2ZOM) gave me and began testing it out. It has since allowed me to hit most of the local repeaters and start making contacts.

Now it is time for me to get my general license and get out on the HF band and hit some real distance.


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